Maddie Howard

Maddie Howard

Level 2 Stylist | Makeup Artist & Eyelash Tech


There are endless things to learn about the beauty industry, and Hair Stylist Maddie Howard is ready to take on the challenge. Maddie believes that the more knowledge she gains, the more she can continue to perfect her craft and give her clients the best in hair care.

Growing up on a farm instilled a sense of independence and encouraged imagination from a young age, so when Maddie began her journey in the hair industry she was already equipped to hone her creativity. It was at the Stewart School where years of interest were met with hard work and everything just clicked. “I’ve always loved styling hair, so I thought why not try beauty school? From there everything came naturally, and it made me realize how much I love making people feel good.”

Easy going and down to earth, Maddie’s clients know they can expect an exceptional salon experience every time. She emphasizes the care in hair care and works hard to ensure you feel great. Maddie is also known for her versatile color services and the ability to customize the perfect shade just for you. “I love the challenge and the endless choices. Offering personalized color services brings out my creative and artistic side, and providing my client with a color that makes them feel good about themselves brings me joy.”

When not crafting beautiful looks, Maddie enjoys spending time with friends and family and attending Embrace Church.